Terms of Service Million Steps - Cash Challenge ®, a service offered by Taras Bekhta (« Million Steps - Cash Challenge », « Taras Bekhta », « we », « us » « our ») and our Terms of Service. This affects your Million Steps - Cash Challenge app usage (« mobile application »). These Terms of Service and the Community Rules, constitute a legal agreement, which is a contract (the « Agreement ») between you and Taras Bekhta, concerning the Million Steps - Cash Challenge app usage. Children who have less than 17 years old are not authorized to use the service or try to sign up. IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, THEN PLEASE DON’T USE THE SERVICE. Terms You have the right to consult, modify, rectify, and delete all data you relayed to us. For that, you have to send us an email at millionstepschallenge@gmail.com Acceptance of the Conditions of Use Thanks to read carefully the Conditions of Use and our confidentiality policy. IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH THESE CONDITIONS, THEN PLEASE DON’T USE THE Million Steps - Cash Challenge MOBILE APPLICATION. By reaching and using Million Steps - Cash Challenge app or by reaching to the content of the application, you declare that you guarantee that you read and understood the Conditions of Use as well as the confidentiality policy and the community rules, that you stand by it, that you are legally an adult or that you have more than 17 years and your parents or guardian give you the right to use the Million Steps - Cash Challenge mobile application. Description of the Million Steps - Cash Challenge app service Registration To keep your challenge progress data properly, to save and avoid any data loses you need to login. Reward To receive a reward you need to complete Million Steps challenge. For every 1 000 000 steps you earn $10! Bonuses You can increase your steps with bonuses: sharing the app on Facebook or Twitter, inviting friends, using daily checkin etc. Withdrawal Once you get 1 000 000 steps, you'll be asked to fill up a checkout form. To receive a gift card you need to enter your full name, email address (gift card will be sent to this email address) and press Send button. Cashout methods For a now we support Amazon.com gift cards. Other options will be added in future. Delivery time Estimated delivery of Amazon.com gift cards is 5 days. In rare circumstances delivery may be delayed. Restrictions: • You are not allowed to register multiple accounts. • You are not allowed to cheat a system, abuse points, take any action that unfairly allows you to increase your challenge progress in any possible way. • You are not allowed to use our service on jailbroken devices. • You must be 17+ years old to use the app. Additional Information Internet connection is required for appropriate work of the app. We reserve the right to close anyone's account which violates these restrictions or we view as fraudulent. All the new services and features will respect these Terms of Service and the others additional usage modes we can activate for these services or features. IMPORTANT: the use of the service will require Wifi or mobile broadband internet access and the data credit provided by your operator. The cost of the data connectivity service may vary among service providers. It is your responsibility to review such costs and to determine whether you wish to bear such costs or not. Intellectual property The brands of the Company and its partners, and logos appearing on the app are registered brands. Total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos without the consent of the Company or its partners is prohibited. Disclaimer Apple is not a sponsor. Apple is not involved in any way with the contest or sweepstakes. The process of sending the gift cards is not affiliated with Apple either. All prizes are sponsored by the developer of the app.